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From Past to Present

Tabbure concept, operating in Bursa İnegöl, has succeeded in blending the concept of total quality with a dynamic marketing strategy, with careful and meticulous work in the selection of raw materials throughout the production process. 

With more than 15 years of experience, it carries the traces of innovation to your Cafe, Restaurant and Hotel spaces, while at the same time it offers elegance and comfort together with its extraordinary designs.

Ekran Resmi 2020-02-27 23.40.48.png

Design love, Craftsman love

We have boutique handmade products carefully prepared in the workshops of master craftsmen from the past to the present. Delicate and delicate craftsmanship meets comfort and aesthetics. Tabbure Concept allows you to use different touches in your boutique or chain projects with its handmade products. We carry the love of design and the love of the craftsman to your projects. 

Hand Made Production

With innovation, universality and a passion for creating comfortable innovative products in its focus, Tabbure adds the craftsmanship in its DNA and agility in the design and production process to this passion, offering the aesthetic forms of dreams to the needs. The source of motivation for this process is that appealing to different tastes; It is the goal of creating products that synthesize comfort, aesthetics and ergonomics.

Ekran Resmi 2020-02-27 23.35.17.png

Tabbure has been producing high quality movable furniture for the projects of chain and boutique brands in the hospitality industry with the attention it has shown to details in design and production for many years.


100% customer satisfaction  Adopting a principle, Tabbure Concept aims to provide service beyond today's quality standards and earns  has adopted the principle of serving our country with honesty and honesty, respecting human rights and nature, by turning it into an investment.

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