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Quality and Design

Feel it!

It reflects the contribution of the technology, which has developed from the past to the present, to the design of the chair, on the styles of our models. We bring privilege to your spaces with quality design.

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Add Privilege to the Place!

Tabbure Concept has been producing high quality movable furniture for the projects of chain and boutique brands in the hospitality sector with the care it has shown in design and production for many years. In addition to its rich product range, it prepares project-specific design products in many countries. With its project experience, its holistic approach to designs or the creative solutions it offers, it provides even the most demanding customers with a very special experience beyond having a good product.

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Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant, Solution Partner of Projects, Top Quality and Trend Chair Models


In our industry, in our products, in our service, quality  creating our own rules above all stereotypes in our understanding and  We achieve success by taking the risk of using unconventional methods.  Our users, dealers, suppliers and team that make us stronger  We are an innovative brand that makes a difference and adds meaning to life.

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