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Rainproof Garden Furniture

Rainproof Garden Furniture

Rainproof garden furniture comes to the fore in outdoor decoration. Rain resistance is an important feature when looking for balcony furniture, terrace seating or garden table and chair sets. So, what are the features of the rain-resistant garden table, rain-resistant chairs and seating groups? We have tips to give you an idea about garden furniture that won't spoil in the rain.

Why is Rain Resistance Important ?

All furniture and building materials that you will use outdoors such as gardens, balconies, terraces, patios must be resistant to rain. Not only to rain; It should be resistant to sun, wind, dust, humidity and wetting. If they are not resistant to these external factors, such as furniture used indoors, their useful life will be very short. Not only that, moisture can cause mold and rot over time, preventing safe use. In summary; rain resistance of the furniture you want to use in open areas such as gardens; Longevity is important for safe use.

Which Materials Are Rain Resistant ?

It is important to choose garden furniture made of rain-resistant material when buying a garden table chair set, balcony chair, terrace seating group. So, what materials should rainproof furniture be made of? First of all, as it is known, not all wood materials and fabrics are resistant to water and sun. However, these materials can become more resistant to external factors with the right techniques and the right paint and polish. For this reason, it is important to learn about the varnish, paint and application technique used in the product. Teak and Iroko wood are also rain resistant. Some types of aluminum furniture made for outdoor use can also be resistant to rain. On the other hand, products such as mattresses are produced with rain-resistant options.

The way it is processed and the additional materials used should be considered as well as the material. But let's list some of the most widely known rain resistant materials:

  • Teak Tree

  • Iroko Tree

  • Cedar

  • Aluminum

Are Tabbure Products Rainproof ?

You can order furniture for your garden, balcony, terrace or patio via You can proceed by exploring the products suitable for you under the guidance of, where you can find table sets, garden seating groups, garden chairs, sun loungers, accessories for garden decoration. With more than 15 years of production and design experience, products are developed for open space. Therefore, they are produced to be resistant to all factors of the open space. The selection of materials and the design of the products focus on being suitable for many years of safe use outdoors. It also undergoes many tests on this axis. With, you can enjoy long-lasting products that reflect current design trends, but have original designs, in the garden and other outdoor areas. For example, you can design a very stylish living space with the Next dinnerware set in Aluminum and Ireko materials. The Senna Seating Group, which offers aluminum and Iroko materials together, is another option.

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