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Balcony Furniture Tricks, Ways to Make Our Balconies the Favorite Place of Our Home

Balcony Furniture with Different Designs

Balconies are among the most important areas of homes. Especially in summer, balconies are the most frequently used areas. It is even more enjoyable to be together with beautiful design products while spending time on the balcony. In addition, decorating the balcony with balcony furniture makes the environment look much more elegant. It is possible to make the balcony much more beautiful than it is by making a good choice in this regard. In this regard, it would be right to make the right balcony design choices.

Design of Small Balconies

Many people often have difficulties when designing small balconies. However, it is possible to design a very cute balcony with the right choices.

The use of colorful pillows and throw pillows on small balconies is very accurate. It can be decorated with throw pillows in colors suitable for the balcony. Small size C coffee table or intermediate stand can be used as a coffee table. In terms of color, decor colors such as Orange, Blue and Green have become quite a trend in recent years. In addition, small balconies have become quite cute by using tiny lamps.

It is also a very good idea to turn small balconies into reading areas. A very intimate reading area can be created with soft cushions used vertically and horizontally.

It is also possible to make small benches for people who do not like to use cushions. Colorful cushions with a soft and thin texture can be used on it.

How to Decorate Large Balconies?

It is possible to use balcony furniture in many options when decorating large balconies.

It is possible to combine with special coffee table and table options by choosing a special size armchair and wing chair for your balcony on large balconies. You can get support from our Tabbure Concept Company in this regard. Cushions of different colors can be used on it. In addition, aluminum sofa sets are suitable for large balconies.

The color selection in large balcony furniture can be suitable for the style of the balcony. Balcony furniture can be chosen in many different shades such as gray, soft and cream. If it is desired to have a more characteristic balcony, ivy flowers can be decorated with balcony irons.

Those who love flowers and greenery can make a part of their large balcony a flower corner. Taking a beautiful and stylish wooden flower bed, flowers are beautifully arranged on it. Then, tiny LED lights are arranged around it, making the environment even more beautiful. Large balconies are generally more practical areas in this regard.

A Romantic Balcony

It is quite easy to decorate a romantic balcony. It is easier to create a romantic style, especially on small balconies. A small round table and two chairs are sufficient for the balcony. The color of the cushions used on them can be chosen in burgundy or red. In addition, tiny lights are placed on the balustrades of the balcony. In this way, the balcony becomes both romantic and bright. It would be very enjoyable to spend time in this dim light, especially in the evening.

Little Touches on the Balconies

It is possible to achieve great results with small touches for balconies.

Hammock-style swings, which have been used recently, have become quite a trend. It is a decor product that is liked by many people with its very modern and pleasant stance. It is also a corner of pleasure as it is quite comfortable.

In addition, choosing a four seater model while choosing a seat model gives a different atmosphere to the balcony. It creates a more stylish look. It is also a very comfortable model to use.

The Importance of Portable Products on the Balcony

Portable products are very useful on balconies. They are models that suit the balcony very well because they cover less and have nice models.

Aluminum & Iroko tables and chairs can be used. The chairs are nestable and the table is portable. Portable products can be used for different and not shabby images.

What is Considered in Glass Balcony Design?

It is possible to make a different decor in the glass balcony design. It is possible to use the glass balcony closed at any time with a simple and elegant curtain. It can also use a small coffee table or table in the decoration of the furniture. Soft, beige cream tones can be preferred as color. In addition, the balcony turns into a much more pleasant space with a thin and pleasant rug-like carpet laid on the floor.

By placing triangular wooden hangers on the corners of the balcony, the corners can be made more functional. The tiny flowers to be placed on it also make the environment more beautiful. In the balcony decor, the colors and the style of the furniture should be in harmony with each other. In addition, the harmony of contrasting colors with each other will be very pleasant in balcony decoration.

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