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What are the Elements to Consider in the Selection of Cafe, Restaurant, Chair, Table and Loca Bank?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

- Set a Session Plan

A correctly chosen layout plan for your project is the most important factor for you to use the ambiance and usage area of ​​the place in the most efficient way. If you do not get help from your architect in this regard, you should pay attention to the location of the service area and the placement of the table and chair. The purpose of use of the place and the services to be offered to the customers are the most important first factors for this planning. Determine the services to be provided at your venue. Product Selections According to the Layout Plan #Design, #Comfort, #Quality, #Power and #Ergonomics You should choose the product suitable for the purpose of the venue. Don't worry, as Tabbure Concept, our experienced sales team will warn you about this.

- Make a Product Selection

The product selection should be made by considering the session duration of the service you offer to your #Cafe or #Restaurant customers and the period of time you want to host your customers in the place, which should be considered in determining the models suitable for your Layout Plan. The session quality and design of the products, which are the combination of comfort and design during the service period, are one of the most important factors for the adoption of the place and during the process your customers spend in the place. Project Oriented Special Lodge and Bank Production Cafe, Restaurant, We produce our #set, #loca, #bank #seat models in the dimensions you specify for your project. Adding craftsmanship and agility in the design and production process to this passion, it offers the aesthetic forms of dreams to needs. We enable you to add custom lodge areas to your project. Style and Color Harmony Your choices should be appropriate for the place depending on your style.

- Harmony of Colors on the Chair

Tabbure Concept We stand by your projects with our experienced staff. We are happy to help you with the right options, shared ideas, and your choices.

Add Privilege to the Place!

Tabbure Concept has been producing high quality moving furniture for the projects of chain and boutique brands in the hospitality sector with the care it has shown in design and production for many years. In addition to its rich product range, it prepares project-specific design products in many countries. With its project experience, holistic approach to designs or the creative solutions it offers, it offers even the most demanding customers a very special experience beyond having a good product.

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